DNA purification

The basis of MolGen’s kits is a magnetic bead technology with a combination of a uniform lysis buffer and scalable reagents. Our PurePrep is designed to yield an ultra-pure DNA solution using our tried lysis buffer. The uniform beads migrate to the magnet very rapidly and allow for protocols to be optimized efficiently. By scaling the components of the kit, we can help you create the DNA purification process at a most affordable price, tailored to your needs.

Validated Protocols

Purifying DNA by means of magnetic beads is a well established technology. At MolGen we help you one step further by optimizing the speed, reagent consumption and validation on your robotic platform. We have a number of pre-validated protocols but are happy to help you validate our kit on your platform too.

Other services

Through the ever increasing number of DNA purifications, your DNA purification process could not only can become a bottleneck in your workflow, it can also become a liability in terms of peak capacity and redundancy. Our solutions include scenario planning for a long term partnership.